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A vibrant Journey about living abroad and exploring Montreal and New York cities.

Explore New York City and Montreal

Passionate about exploring cities, I am thrilled to share my city guides of New York and Montreal. Discover my favourite places and things to do with only local recommendations in these wonderful cities. From coffee shops, to vegan-friendly restaurants, thrift stores and seasonal events: All you need to plan your next trip or trying new places where you live.

Living Overseas

Explore the different ways to live in a foreign country and embark on your journey. I lived in New York City for two years as an Au Pair, and I am currently living and working in Montreal. I give you some great resources to move abroad and starting your project. Volunteering for a few months, working in another country, doing a cultural exchange ; Many ways to realize your dreams and living an international experience.

New York City

The New York City ferry going under the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo Brooklyn
Overview of Montreal city from the the Belvedere of Mount Royal

Montreal City

Living abroad

Overlooking the snowy landscape during a weekend getaway in Quebec, Canada

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