A guide to Montreal

Coffee shops, vegan food, lifestyle

I believe there is a growing need for genuine alternative places, which is represented here in an extraordinary way.

Wim Wenders

Living here for more than 2 years as an expat, I found my favorite places around the city and made my little list. I am especially in love with the coffee shops, where I meet my friends, work on my projects or just go to hangout, like a second home. Vegan for almost 4 years, I will share with you my recommandations to eat delicious meals.

December to March : Ice skate, cross-country skiing, cozy indoor activities

June to August : Music festivals, parks, biking, outdoor setups

September to October : Beautiful colors, hikes, apples picking

People are genuine and welcoming, the international food scene is very diverse, there are a lot of activities to do in Montreal and around. Big city surrounded by nature, this city is a special place.


Coffee Shops