Nice To Meet You

Curious, Lively, and Independent : My ambition is to share with you what makes me feel inspired and happy and to spread all the good vibes and energy through my pictures and experiences.

I am driven by new discoveries and feed my brain with new learnings. My inspirations come from my encounters with people, exploring cities or places, developing my knowledge through podcasts, books, or documentaries.

I am nothing, I know it, but I compose my nothing with a little piece of all.

Victor Hugo

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My personal story

My hometown is Lille, located in the north of France. After twenty years living there, I felt a deep need to explore myself and, for that, get out of my comfort zone. I undertook an internship in Paris for six months in an event agency, which was the first step to meet my independent self.

Discovering myself, my strengths, and weaknesses led me to the next experience. I wanted to keep evolving and growing as a person, in order to reach a better self. I decided to be an au pair in New York and leave France for this experience into the unknown. Two amazing years that changed my life – forever.

After this experience, I wanted to start working as a project manager. I decided to target Montreal : A welcoming city with great job opportunities, to keep this international experience going on and stay in North America. Planning, organizing, managing is a passion for me. My master’s degree in Project Management and Entrepreneurship, coupled with my experiences, led to my current job in Montreal : IT Project Coordinator.

I keep my journey of discovering myself and being a better human going on. My passions are making new life projects, learning about science, health and social behaviors, exploring cultures and places, or creating great connections.

I bring you with me: Are you ready?

Thank you

  • Thank you to my family : They gave me all the keys, the opportunities and experiences I needed to become the curious, ambitious, humble and open-hearted person that I am today. I love them so much.
  • Thank you to my host family in New York : They welcomed me as a part of their gang and make me feel so valuable. They inspire me with their kindness, generosity and positivity. They will always have a big place in my heart.
  • Thank you to my friends : They are always here to support me, they inspire me and I admire all of them. I am thankful for all the great times we have and all the experiences we are living together.