Au Pair in New York

A life changing experience.

Being an “Au Pair”

The Au Pair program is a cultural exchange that allows you to live with a family in another country for one or two years while taking care of their children. You are weekly paid and have the free housing and meal. You have time off and two weeks of vacations that allows you to travel if you want to. The goal of this experience is to share each other’s traditions and culture and learn the language or just improve your level.

Perhaps one of the greatest means to achieve global peace and harmony is cultural exchange. 

Preeth Nambiar, The Voyage to Eternity

The process

  1. F I N D an au pair agency that does the program in the country you want to go.
  2. S I G N – U P and start the process.
  3. C R E A T E and validate your au pair profil. This will be your presentation available on the plateforme of your agency for the families to get to know you and your motivations. You will have to write a description of yourself, your experiences with children or babies, some pictures of you and why you want to participate to the program.
  4. C O N N E C T with the families that reach you out by emails and meet them thanks to visio meetings. Ask all the question that are important to you, talk about the daily schedule, their vision on the education of their kids, how it works with the previous au pair for holidays, car use, groceries… I recommend the facebook au pair groups to help you with your questions. You can also send me a message if you want advices.
  5. M A T C H with a family with whom you have great connection and a similar vision of the experience.
  6. M E E TING with a representative of the agency in your country/city for an easy test : The purpose is to make sure that you have the language basis and you know a minimum about childcare.
  7. V I S A PROCESS : You will have an appointment at the embassy of the USA in Paris (for the au pair experience in America) to get your J1 Visa.
  8. P A C K : Visa in the pocket, it’s time to pack and say goodbye !

My feedback

Each au pair is having their own experience according their personality, their interests, their goals…

To me it was a life changing experience, that change my perspectives on many things in general. It opened my mind, helped me to deconstructed my beliefs, it mades me so much more independent, self-confident, it allows me to meet so diverse people from all around the world, experience and organize solo trips…

I am still close from my host family which I often visit in New York. I am so thankful for this relationship.
During the experience, there are times where I felt lonely, homesick, sad, but It is what makes you grow and deal with your emotions and get to know yourself. It allows me to be able to understand and acknowledge my sensitivity and my weaknesses, be mentally stronger and adapt more easily to uncomfortable life situations.