Living Abroad

My International Experience & Resources

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There are a LOT of possibilities to move abroad, depending on your project, the partnership between your home nation and your desired destination country or your age.

About my experience

  • My first international experience was to be an Au Pair in New York, with a J1 Exchange Visitor VISA. It is considered as a cultural exchange. It allows you to live with a family in another country and receive a salary for providing childcare services to the kids of the family.
  • I am currently doing an international work experience (EIC program) in Montreal, Québec. I arrived two years ago with a Young Professional work permit. You need to already have a job offer and be between 18 and 30 years old to be eligible. It allows you to work for two years in the country.

  • To fully immigrate, I am currently in the process of Permanent Residency in Canada.

Programs and Visas

Some ways to live abroad for a long period of time in a foreign country:

  • Studying
  • Teaching
  • Volunteering
  • Internships
  • Working holiday
  • Nomad / remote work (if your company allows it or if you are freelance)

Find below some trustworthy and well-known platforms to help you find information about a program that will fit your project:

Get information to find the right experience that matches your aspirations: Self-growth, contribute to a mission to help other people in need, discover a new country and travel, develop your professional skills and network… There are many reasons, all valuable for you to start an international experience. Whatever experience you choose, it will change your life and perspectives forever.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Henry Miller